League History

NERDY was organized to represent the recreational interests of families and children living in the Twin Cities Metro area.

  • We inspire all youth to play at an athletic level within a team environment focusing on mutual respect and empowerment.
  • We provide youth with the skills necessary to embody responsibility and accountability.
  • We enable themselves and other members of the community to foster inclusion and acceptance of all individuals.
  • We provide youth with the skills, knowledge, and tools to meet or exceed the requirements of the governing body of the Junior Roller Derby Association (JRDA).
  • We support the Twin Cites Metro area community by providing cross-generational learning opportunities and to promote stewardship of roller derby through a variety of low-cost recreational opportunities.
  • We support services to families with the opportunities for all youth to participate, regardless of barriers.

We wouldn’t be NERDY without you!

NERDY Founding MembersOriginal Founding Members (2011)

  • Mollie “Organ Eyez Errrr” Dukek
  • Gina “Curv Vicious” Flak
  • Erik “Padre” McKnight

It is with immense gratitude to its original founders that the current board members carry on the legacy and spirit our founders instilled in the organization as a fledgling youth sports organization when it was founded as North East Roller Derby Youth LLC in Minneapolis, MN in 2011.

As our league grew over the years, we found that the organizational structure needed to grow with us.

In December of 2015, North East Roller Derby Youth League Inc. (NERDY) was restructured as a non-profit organization.

North East Roller Derby Youth League Inc.
501(c)3 Founders (2015)

  • 9106bb_e1ef30fb464e427eabab043ac299431b-1Katy “Katastic” Sutherland
  • 9106bb_94cd89622e6645eaac95f5dba00ad2d1-1Michelle “Momb Shell” Hegarty
  • 9106bb_9c308e35c8f740869d3cebaee2711b33-1Michelle “MOD” Nelsen
  • 9106bb_6dcb9313bad5424aac7272f0179a0704-1Rose “Apawcalypse Meow” Porwoll
  • 9106bb_72b837c5813944e9a4497dfa57d004f5Chad “THE CHAD” Sutherland
  • Melonie “Crush with Eyeliner” Allyn-Schwerin
  • Stephanie “EduSka8er” Molitor-Lindemann