New Skaters

So you want to be a NERD?

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Do I need experience?

Nope! Roller skating or roller derby experience is NOT required to join our league.

Age Groups and Requirements

  • All skaters must be 7 years or older on or before the start of his/her participation.
  • All skaters must be 17 years or younger for 50% or more of the session (drop-ins are not permitted if over the age of 17).
  • Skaters are not required to have any previous roller derby or skating experience.
  • Skaters will be grouped based on size for safety reasons (Bigs and Littles) for scrimmages.
  • Skaters will be grouped as contact or non-contact for some activities (Level 1 and Level 2) for scrimmages.

What do I need?

  • Parents should consider having a concussion baseline done for your skater with your primary care physician, at a sports clinic, or a concussion clinic – Concussion information can be found HERE.
  • Roller derby requires quad skates (no inline skates, no plastic skates).
  • Required gear includes a helmet, mouth guard, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.
  • Each participant MUST have all required gear, including mouth guard, at EVERY PRACTICE or they WILL NOT be allowed to participate.
  • Skaters must not be in motion on skates until all gear is confirmed to properly fit and in working order by a board member or coach. NO EXCEPTIONS. Skaters may be ejected from practice or an event if numerous reminders have to be given.
  • Skaters must also bring with them a water bottle and tennis shoes to every practice and event.
  • Skaters must properly maintain their gear. Remove your gear from your skate bag after every practice or bout to preserve the integrity of your equipment where moisture may occur. It is also recommended to use some kind of bacteria neutralizing agent to keep your gear from getting too pungent. Once again, remember to check equipment often for wear and tear.

What are the costs?

  • Each skater will pay a $175 registration fee per fall/spring session, $60.00 for summer session.
  • Registration includes one NERDY t-shirt, required to be worn by skaters at all bouts, scrimmages, and other public events.
  • Additional NERDY t-shirts for skaters may be purchased for $20.00. For $25, we can put your NERDY name on the back.
  • Registration fees cover organization costs including but not limited to practice space rental costs, NERDY organization insurance costs, event fees, t-shirt costs, equipment costs, equipment maintenance costs, local and federal filing fees, and other costs incurred at the discretion of the current board.

Practice and Scrimmage Information

  • Practice location: Minnesota Army National Guard (Northeast Armory) – 1025 Broadway Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
  • Practice schedule: Fall/Spring session practices are on Monday and Thursday evenings from 6:00pm-8:00pm,
  • Skaters should arrive no earlier than 6:00pm and may not enter the practice facility without checking in with a board member or coach.
  • Sign in by a parent/guardian is required at all practices and events.

    • Parents are expected to pick up their skaters NO LATER THAN 8:00pm.
  • Sign out by a parent/guardian is required at all practices and events.
  • Practices are closed – meaning that only the skaters, coaches, and board members are permitted to remain in the practice area after check-in.
  • Closed practices ensure the safety and concentration of our young skaters.

    • Coaches will often invite guests in during the last 15 minutes or so of practices to watch scrimmages, but this decision is left to our coaches each practice.
  • Bouts, scrimmages, and other public event details will be emailed as soon as possible once they are confirmed.

    • If a skater is participating in such an event, all spectators/guests (including parents and adult volunteers) may be charged admission to the event.
  • Each skater is required to be covered by a primary private, employer, or state-sponsored primary health insurance plan.
  • Each skater shall be covered by a secondary insurance plan which is purchased as an organization on an annual basis.
  • NERDY t-shirts must be clearly marked with the skater’s NERDY-approved skater derby name for all public events.